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2009-12-28 Drei Finnen, ein Bein...

2009-12-28Maui Ultra Fins Fahrer aus der ganzen Welt schicken uns ihre begeisterten Kommentare – und oft auch tolle Photos. Dieser Bericht stammt von Oliver Guyader aus Frankreich, dessen Bild wir absolut lieben.

Er schrieb uns folgendes: “I'm very happy with your fins. We had a great November for windsurfing here in France so I tried the fins a lot. At the moment I use the X-Twin 17.5 cm with the 13.5 / 15.5 cm X-Tri in the center. I never have the feeling of having too much fin area – even in really strong winds. The board is very easy to sail in any place of the wave and it's amazing how easy it is to change direction anytime.”

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